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Jake, Eddie and David had great cameraderie and chemistry. The BBC coverage of F1 knocked the spots off Sky. The directors and editors also put on terrific, original, even inspired, mini-features on some of the drivers, tracks and techie behind-the-scenes stuff in the pits and workshops.

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Sad times

You made F1 soo much more accessible for everyone, including me, who only recently became a big fan. Thanks for everything, best of luck at BT, but seriously, come back in a year or two…


Thanks for everything Jake, you made F1 a lot more enjoyable to watch. We’ll miss you on the BBC!

~ Pete B 

Good Luck Jake!

Best of luck for the future Jake! Great presenter, I have loved watching the BBC coverage with you, DC and EJ, plenty of funny times- Monaco 2010 springs to mind! Great job and good luck! 

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F1 won’t be the same without you Jake, absolutely gutted you’re leaving. You’ve helped make F1 what it is today, and no doubt brought on a lot more fans than there already were.

All the best for the future! (still gutted!)

Lauren @laurenklair


Wendy Dunwell

I’ve been watching F1 for pushing 25 years and can honestly say that you are up there with the best of them. It’s been a pleasure to watch you, you’ve made F1 fun and interesting to both old timers like me and to all the new fans. Good luck in your new job. Now I’m off to find the tissues as I’m sure there will be a few tears shed later :-(

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This is when I met Jake at his “The Inside Track” book signing. He was nice enough to have a chat and even remembered by review of his book on my blog, how cool! Best of luck for the future Jake!

Good luck Jake! I remember watching you on Bamzooki back in the days and now on Formula one. It has been so good watching you present BBC F1 and I have become a great fan of formula one because of you. The coverage of BBC F1 is much better than Sky Sports and You, David & Eddie always make it a good show each week! Its going to be emotional watching your last F1 coverage. Thank you for the past 4 years  and good luck in the future :-)
Jackie - @jackieabbott_

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All the best!

From your early days as a children’s TV presenter you have always shown enthusiasm, passion and drive in everything you have done. Your Formula One years have been no different. Like Murray Walker you will always be highly regarded as a part of the Formula One family. Best wishes and the best of luck in your new endeavours.

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Good Luck Jake

So sorry to hear you are leaving the F1 team.  Ever since the day I heard that F1 was returning to the BBC I was quite shocked to hear that the ‘kid’ I had seen grow up presenting on CBBC was going to head up the BBC F1 Team.  Little did I realise what a passion you had for the sport itself, combined with a natural raw talent for presenting, it was a winning fomula from the outset.   Your use of technology, the relaxed presenting style in the forums and the fact you are liked and respected by all those around you has contributed to the BBC F1 show being the best.   For someone so young, you are wise above your years.  The fact that drivers didn’t mind stopping to speak to you shows how comfortable they were with you and the recent interviews with Michael & Heiki were both brilliant and “real”.  

I understand Fatherhood awaits you next, so congratulations for that, and best wishes for the future.   Hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to have you back on our screens.

It has been a pleasure to have watched BBC F1 for the past few years and you will be sadly missed.  I’m sure EJ & DC will be  missing you terribly (and God knows what they have planned for you in Brazil this weekend !!).

Many thanks and best wishes to you and your family for the future.

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